Back in Sweden!

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Me in Costa Rica, before I left to Chile(nov 2015 until jan 2016)
Bonjour tout le monde!! Yes. I didn't blog at all during my trip. I knew it. Haha. 
I'm focusing 100% on my website now, and I will shortly represent it to you guys.
It's a lot of work and I'm sitting with it everyday, so soon soon. I'm soo excited. It will be more than awesome. AH!
Your Febbs

I'm off!

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Carcans, France july 2015
The website(blog) will be ready in a couple of days or weeks. I can't tell.  
Some problems with it(of course, haha) 
Keeping you updated. At the airport right now, on my way to Costa rica! :D 

My new website will be released 15th of november, 2015.

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15th of nov. Save the date and join #febbsworld forever(or die). To all my international readers, yes it will be in english :)
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